it's about slowing down It's about reclaiming your ease It's about your
midlife renaissance

An invitation to slow down and rediscover your ease.

Midlife Renaissance is about reflection and profound transformation.

It’s a process that honors the whole of your life, with its unique rhythms and timing; One that elicits an awareness of the coherence and beauty in the totality of your story.

So pause from the juggernaut of your daily life to do the sacred – sometimes scary – soulwork of healing old wounds, dropping old baggage, and embodying your innate feminine wisdom in service of reclaiming your spirit and creating your inspired, fulfilling life.



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Your midlife soulwork is the work of a lifetime

It’s not something that can be done in the car while you’re running errands. It requires some space in your busy life,and some direct attention.. To help you get started, please accept the gift of my Women’s Guide to Designing your Midlife Sanctuary . After all, don’t you long for some time and space for to care for yourself?

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