Last week, amidst other more high-profile losses in the creative world, SoulCollage® lost its birth mother.

Seena Frost, founder and creatrix of SoulCollage, passed on peacefully on January 13th, 2016, surrounded by her family and friends. Since many of you have experienced the magic of SoulCollage, I wanted to both to let you know of her passing and to share some reflections on about this woman who has had such far-reaching influence on my life and the lives of countless others.

Early last week, when I heard the news that Seena had entered hospice care and was not long for this world, I realized the simple truth that my life was wholly and irrevocably changed because of Seena and SoulCollage. From the deepest places in my own heart that needed healing and are now whole and ever-expanding, to beloved community and lifelong friends that I’ve made within and through SoulCollage, the work that I do, and to the very way I see and process the world around me; I daresay there is not a single part of my life today that has not been touched by Seena and her gift of SoulCollage.

In his book Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav describes the concept of what he calls “great souls”. These are not necessarily people who are exemplary human beings, but rather people who by virtue of their position, their actions or the nature of their work, have a larger than usual impact on the world. So someone like Hitler would fall into this category, as would more admirable individuals, such as Martin Luther King, Malala Yousafzai, and even Oprah.

So if someone is keeping a list, I think Seena Frost belongs on the list of Great Souls.

I keep thinking of the old shampoo ad from the early 80s, where the actress tells two friends about her awesome shampoo, “and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends. And so on, and so on, and so on…” The ad is a fabulous illustration of how one little thing can end up reaching bazillions simply through the power of exponents.

As one of roughly 2600 SoulCollage Facilitators worldwide, I’ve probably shared SoulCollage with hundreds of people over the past 7½ years. So when I start to think of the global impact Seena’s work has had—reaching people around the world through workshops, her book, SoulCollage Evolving, through the work of SouCollage Inc., and even through social media—I am astounded.

And hopeful.

Hopeful because the the world is in desperate need of healing, and this precious process of SoulCollage brings healing and wholeness in a deceptively simple, profound way, and it’s reach and influence continues to grow.

I feel immense gratitude that I had the privilege to meet Seena in person several times. At Facilitator Conferences she was the rock star that everyone wanted to speak with, though you would never know it by watching her. She was a deeply humble–and I suspect introverted–woman, always gracious even when the adoration must’ve been wearing.

And her thoughtful generosity! At the last global conference in 2013, she put together envelopes with an image and a photo of Indra’s Net to which she had hand-glued some netting and a little jewel. More than 200 of them! (Indra’s net is a Hindu myth about the nature of the reality that she uses as metaphor for the SoulCollage process, and when new facilitators are trained, each of us glues a small jewels onto one of several “nets” that travel the world.)

Like many others, I will cherish my memories of her gentle humor and playful nature, such as appearing at the start of each conference as one of her favorite neters, the crotchety Ms. Ann Thrope. For me, Seena will forever be a mentor and role model: of playful living paired with deep thought, of world-altering wisdom paired with gentle humility, and of youthful exuberance paired with vital, gracious aging.

Thank you, Seena, for sharing your gifts with the world. We are all eternally grateful for the gift of you and your beautiful, brilliant and sensitive great soul that you’ve shared so graciously with the world.

My life, and the lives of innumerable others, are forever richer because of you.

You will be deeply missed, and I know your legacy will continue to create healing and joy, evolving minds and souls around the world throughout the years.