You’ve fallen in love with the process of SoulCollage®

Now are you hungry for more?

You totally groove with the process of creating beautiful, meaningful SoulCollage cards. You can work your way through the “I Am One Who…” process, and even occasionally remember that you can use your cards to do readings and access your inner wisdom.

You get it. And now you’re ready for a little more.

You sense that you might benefit from understanding the deeper layers of wisdom embedded in the concepts and structure that inform the framework of the SoulCollage process.


You suspect there is more to know – about SoulCollage and about yourself.

You’re ready to grasp the full, complete picture of what SoulCollage is all about, so you can use it to its fullest potential.

You’re ready to bring some left brain understanding to your right brained SoulCollage experience.

If any of these sound like you then you’re ready for “Getting to know your SoulCollage® Deck: An Advanced Exploration”, a 5-module course exploring the suits, your deck, and the wisdom held within them.


Because you like to go deep

If you learned SoulCollage through me, you know that I’m partial to allowing you to just have the experience once you have the basics. I hate for people to get all hung up in the thinking, and prefer to emphasize the experience.

You’ve been up close in the process of doing SoulCollage, which is awesome!

And although you went away with handouts and resources to feed the intellectually curious part of your brain, I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t really looked at them since. After all, you can get a lot from the process whether you get understand the concepts and structure or not.

Maybe you’ve even debated in your own mind whether those suits really matter. (Frankly yes, they kinda do.)

The fact is that there can come a time when it’s frustrating that your SoulCollage knowledge is not fully developed and your practice feels haphazard—a time when you start to become curious if there isn’t more to be gleaned from that pile of beautiful cards you’ve created.

As your curiosity and hunger for more understanding has grwon, you might have looked through your handouts or the book, maybe even gone online to see what you could learn.

But for you, reading the book or listening to a CD is not enough.

You want the benefit of what makes SoulCollage special: powerful, experiential learning and awesome community. And while you’re at it, some personal guidance, with a little bit of accountability thrown in to support you in actually making time for the process would be awesome.

In this 5-week, multimedia course you will ground yourself in the structure and theory that is the foundation of this process you love. With this firm footing you will experience greater depth, breadth and specificity in your SoulCollage practice, gaining deeper levels of self-awareness and new heights of ego transcendence.

The content and experiences in this course will enable you to:

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  • become deeply rooted in the concepts that inform the process of SoulCollage
  • bring some order, coherence and structure to your deck
  • recognize the qualities and characteristics of each suit
  • identify the suits of most of your cards, allowing for more sophisticated use of your deck
  • discover hidden patterns and messages lurking in your mass of cards
  • have a more whole and nuanced sense of your unique facets and  patterns as reflected in your SoulCollage deck
  • get support in identifying suits for tricky neters
  • be “fluent in SoulCollage” so you can appropriately suit future cards
  • have a plan for moving forward with your SoulCollage practice

Because both brains matter

Not surprisingly, the people that are drawn to me often have a well-developed intellectual, methodical side to their nature. That’s why I like to teach the process  more through doing initially – it helps people get out of the left side of their brain with its innate need to understand.

But there is great richness and wisdom within the theory and structure of the SoulCollage deck, and having that knowledge allows you to use SoulCollage at it’s fullest capacity to enrich, heal and change your life.

At the same time, I want you to get these concepts at a level beyond just intellectual understanding. I want you to embody this knowledge, so even when you’re discerning a card’s suit it’s less a mental exercise and more an experience of felt sense and inner knowing.

Why are the suits and this theoretical framework important?  The birth mother of SoulCollage, Seena Frost, says, “The value of suits is that it stretches you to be more inclusive and diverse in your collection of Soul images. Suits help you imagine Neters, guides, allies, and challengers, in areas of your life where you might not dream of looking for them.” – SoulCollage Evolving (2010)

At the end of this course you will be not only smarter, but transformed.

Oh my gosh! Simply having the definitions for the suits and putting them into tentative suits, based on my gut feelings, was liberating. I stood in the middle of the four piles in my living room and felt a moment of clarity in the way I use the cards, and it was wonderful. I even took pictures of my suits with my cellphone so I could reflect on them and see how they might change over time. It was an enormous step in my process of using the cards as I have always wanted.
Beth M, Columbus, OH
I thought before the class that my deck was very heavy, mostly dark. I see a lot more joy in my images now. I’ve found and/or created my happy child, happy teen, grateful self, music lover and art lover. They were there but lurking unidentified under the weight of my fear, grief. stress and inner critic cards.
Julie S, Worthington, OH
What I learned in the various SoulCollage workshops I have previously attended was widely varied with little connection, the result being confusion for me. I was not really understanding what I was doing and why. This course was an “AHA! So that’s what it is all about.” I began to understand the flow of the process and more about what each card represented and how they could interrelate in the process of discovering “Who I Am” and what driving forces are behind that. I really appreciated the wholeness/completeness of the course all in one place.
Taye M, Delaware, OH

See the forest

This course takes a step back from the doing, so you better understand what exactly it is that you’re doing; so you can see the bigger picture, discover patterns and themes, and use your beautiful cards to their fullest extent.

You don’t have to have years of experience or a giant deck. You simply need to have a desire to go more deeply into the SoulCollage process. Designed for those who have an existing deck of at least 12 cards, this course will give you a better understanding of the structure and theory within your SoulCollage deck. 


Here are the details:

  • You have the option to do this as a self-guided course or as part of a group-centered course experience
  • There are 5 online modules consisting of video lessons with downloadable exercises and a PDF workbook for you to play along
  • Recorded guided meditations, exercises and explorations to deepen your familiarity with your cards, as well as the nature and composition of your deck (and of course yourself!)
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Optional private group on Facebook for further connection, support and advice when needed
  • If you choose the group option, you will have three live Zoom calls for more community, questions, and support – FIRST CALL MONDAY MAY 11 @ 7:00PM EDT
  • All calls will be recorded in case you can’t make them live. You can email me any questions in advance if you know you won’t be available
  • $49 for DIY, $79 with group exploration sessions included
  • Full course goes live on Friday May 8th
  • Registration for the Group Coaching option ends Monday, May 11th. You are welcome to purchase the self-guided portion at any time.

Community stuff

As you know, all the content is delivered online for you to work through at your own pace. This suits many people just fine, but some feel a need to connect, ask questions and maybe get some support if you need help with a particularly mysterious card. That’s why there is the Group add-on available.

There will be three Q&A calls scheduled – one at the beginning on Monday May 11th, one midway through, and one at the end. Note that I will not be presenting new information on these calls. Rather it’s is your chance to get clarification on the material, ask for input on anything you’re struggling with and meet other SoulCollagers.

Calls will last as long as they need to in order to answer your questions, but generally not longer than an hour.

Tech stuff

The material will be easily accessible – if you can watch a video on YouTube and download a PDF, you’re in business. The calls can  sometimes be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but I promise it’s not too hard and I will make sure you’re well-prepped with all the info you need so things will hopefully go smoothly. The Facebook component is a private group, and both the group and the calls are completely optional.

Time stuff

I am well aware that I am somewhat “notorious” for over-delivering, which can be overwhelming. I’ve made an effort to pare down the content to what is essential to understand combined with other “cardplay” exercises to help you deepen your understanding and give you fodder for further exploration in the future. Although the group calls encourage you to move through a new module each week, the pace at which you move through the material is ultimately up to you.

Ideally you watch the video at the beginning of each module (the longest are about 25 minutes) and look over the exercises. You would then allocate your time for the exercises as needed throughout the coming week. On average it should take you 2 -3 hours each week, again depending on the particular week, the size of your deck, and how deep you choose to go with the cardplay explorations.

How much time you ultimately spend will depend on you and to some degree on whether you have a deck of 12 or of 120 cards, and the way you choose to use the course.

This course will be a rich exploratory journey into the all the beauty and brilliance that is SoulCollage®. It will enhance your understanding of this powerful process and help you cultivate a more meaningful relationship with your cards and yourself.

REGISTER HERE and get to know your deck and your own beautiful soul.

If you’re curious to see an example, click here for the Welcome page with a few introductory exercises. Please enjoy them whether you choose to join the course or not.