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Getting to Know Your SoulCollage® Deck

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Below is a short welcome and orientation video. Please take a few minutes to watch that as well as check out the rest of this page. This is where you can find all of the information you’ll need to navigate this course, as well as a couple of fun exercises to  get you started connecting to your deck.


The Set-up:

Each module explores a different suit, plus a week for the Transpersonal cards. Modules will be released on Fridays early in the day so you’ll have the weekend to get going.

  • Week 1: The Committee Suit
  • Week 2: The Community Suit
  • Week 3: The Council Suit
  • Week 4: The Companion Suit and Discerning “Hard to Place” Cards
  • Week 5: The Transpersonals and Structure Review

Creating Community:

As you know, all the content is delivered online and you’ll be working through it at your own pace. This suits many people just fine, but some feel a need to connect, ask questions and maybe get some support if you need help with a particularly mysterious card. If you purchased the Group Program you will receive a separate email with the schedule and connection information.

Regardless of which option you chose, everyone is invited to connect is on Facebook. This will allow you to post scans of your cards that you’re struggling to place, share insights and a-ha’s from the exercises, and simply be in community. It is completely optional.

The group is set up as a private group. This means that while others can find the group, they cannot seewho’s in it or the conversations.

This experience will be what you make of it. I find that even the most introverted among us can benefit from the support, experience and sharing that happens when women gather, even when that gathering is virtual.

Ethics and Integrity

Obviously I cannot police the way this material is accessed or distributed beyond having on a password-protected page. I ask you to please respect both me and others in this course by not sharing the password or the material with others. If you have a friend, or group of friends, and would like to do it together, contact me and we can work out a group rate.


Getting Started: Preliminary Card Play

These exercises are intended to let you start to truly experience your deck.

Embodying the suits

First up is a short (10 minutes) guided visualization. You don't need anything - just your body and your imagination. Click on the orange circle with the white arrow inside when you're ready to listen.


download the worksheet

Experiencing your deck

This exercise may take some space, depending on the size of your deck. If you can, try to clear some floor space somewhere so you can arrange the cards around you.

If you need it, here is the diagram of the suits to use to help you think about the different suits:  Suits diagram

download the worksheet

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Below are the recordings from our group Q&A calls. You can download the call by clicking on the little down-arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the box.