Midlife is full of changes, loss and transitions.

You can ignore them, fight them, or learn to embrace them.

Midlife is a time of challenge for so many women. New demands arise as we find our parents, our children, and yes – surprisingly – even ourselves growing older. We encounter role changes, body changes, health challenges, and inevitably, loss.

Any of these can throw you for a loop, leaving you feeling stressed out, dissatisfied, irritable, stuck, or confused. But the common thread is a feeling that your usual ways of doing life aren’t working anymore.

It can leave even the strongest woman feeling a little lost and not sure what to do next.  And perhaps worried that these feelings are here to stay.

The truth of the matter is that your struggles and challenges are in fact opportunities for growth and change, rather than simply crises to be managed or endured.

Grounded in this perspective, Embracing Change is holistic support for navigating life transitions. It is short-term mentoring for times when things have gotten shaky.

Through compassionate listening and effective holistic strategies for embracing and integrating whatever transition you’re coping with, this program gets you reoriented so that you can start re-creating your life in light of new realities – a life of joy, harmony and deep meaning.


Why not try a different approach?

In midlife nearly every aspect of life has the potential for major change: daughter, mother, wife/partner, career… You may experience a big shift in just one role, such as the loss of a parent, or several at once, like when you lose a parent, have your last child leave home and retire all in a two-year time span.

No matter the number or timing, these changes can feel overwhelming. You don’t know why it’s so hard to face the empty room, fill the open hours or plan for the upcoming holiday. You wonder why it’s such a struggle to get on with your life like everyone tells you to do.

You feel frustrated, confused, and isolated.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, the way forward is to pause – to slow down and honor whatever is challenging you. These are changes in the major roles of your life, and each one can bring on a need to review and perhaps revise the ways in which you “do” your life.

Embracing Change creates space and provides the support so that you can:

  • tend to and honor the pain that is keeping you stuck
  • reconnect to your interests and passions
  • rediscover your vitality
  • strategize ways to move forward while honoring your past
  • integrate self-care into your life


As the first Christmas after my mother’s death approached, I was overwhelmed by my grief. If I carried on with the hubbub of the season, I felt I would collapse. If I ignored our family traditions, it felt as if I’d be losing my mother all over again.

With gentle perfection, Julie guided me through a process of introspection, soul-searching and release that allowed me to navigate the holidays without fear. Using SoulCollage® as a tool, I was able to let go of everyone’s expectations, including mine, and give needed space to my own self-care.

I allowed myself to toss all but what was essential to me about the holiday, to be fully present in the seasonal energy pouring out from others, and to hear my mother’s voice all the while telling me things were going to be okay.

Julie S., Worthington OH



Because going it alone is over-rated

Embracing Change developed from seeing friends get knocked for a loop by major life transitions.

It was easy to see that some women need support to process and integrate these changes – but something other than support groups or therapy, and something less than my Living in Autumn year-long mentoring program.

It’s based on knowing that when in the midst of a big change, it’s essential to have a certain kind of support.

Someone outside of your day-to-day life and usual roles that can help you discover new ways of being, and support you in staying there until new patterns establish themselves.

Someplace where you can sift through what you’re feeling at your own pace, feel comfortable and safe in doing the deep inner work that is surfacing, and be supported through your process.

And something short-term, focused around a specific issue.

This work is the evolution of 30 years of eclectic experience:

  • a Master’s degree in developmental psychology with a focus in women’s health
  • two decades in primary care as a massage and craniosacral therapist,
  • plus a wealth of experience with holistic approaches to healing, including SoulCollage®, guided visualization, and Somatic Experiencing®.

This work brings my life and training full circle. It all coalesces into my being able to hold space for your process and give support to you as you move through your unique situation.


At age 54, I lost my job and my relationship. Shortly after that, I was in a car accident and aspects of my physical health were compromised. I came to Julie in a very vulnerable place, afraid that these challenges would be more than I could overcome.

As it turns out, all that happened to me was part of my path – my journey back to myself.

Working with Julie resulted in a flooding of new awareness – why my work and personal lives were literally killing me, how my past shaped my self-imposed limitations, how my “real” journey is broader, deeper, and more spiritual than I could have ever imagined, and why it is that I can never “go back”. Most importantly, how it is imperative that I now acknowledge my gifts and share them freely and with joy.

I am deeply grateful for Julie’s work with me – I love how finding balance has shaped my world.

Jill H., Columbus, OH


How does this work?

There are two packages available for Embracing Change, one shorter, one longer. Different women, different circumstances, different histories… some people need “just a little support”, some “a little bit more”. The only difference is in the number of hours.

Both Embracing Change packages include:

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions. We’ll meet in-person at my office if you are in the Central Ohio area, otherwise by phone or computer.
  • On-the spot targeted support calls. When something unexpected or difficult arises, we can arrange a brief 10 minute support calls between scheduled meetings to discuss these and other specific issues.
  • Unlimited email support. Need to make sure you’re using a process correctly or a reminder of how to do something? If it’s not super urgent, just email me, let me know what you need and when you need it and I’ll respond, usually within 24 hours.
  • Specific practices to work on between sessions. Real change can’t happen if it’s limited to the relatively brief time we have together. You want to create real-life change, and that means doing it in the real world.
  • Recorded sessions. This way you can focus on our session without worrying about taking notes. These recordings are yours, and you can listen to them as often as you wish at your convenience.
  • Priority enrollment and special offers for other programs and offerings, such as SoulCollage® Gatherings, online and local classes and my fall retreat for women.


By slowing down to allow time to work through your changes and having skilled, compassionate support, you will find that in a fairly short time you will find renewed clarity, learn tools for self-care and develop strategies for the future.

And you will integrate and embody your shifts of consciousness on all levels – mind, body and spirit -an essential component to making your process real and lasting.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is not counseling or therapy. My background is in developmental psychology – specifically the study of adult development and aging.

I am not trained or licensed as a therapist or counselor and I do not treat people with clinical disorders. I consider this work more in alignment with coaching or spiritual direction, designed for women looking for support but not necessarily therapy.

Our time together will not be spent delving into your past or trying to figure out the “what ifs” of your life. This program is designed to help you see your stories, create new awareness, and implement meaningful change so you can live your life at its fullest and most vibrant. That’s why I call it mentoring.

You probably have a good sense of how much time, energy and resources you want to invest in this issue.

Trust yourself. And know that your time and investment can always be credited to one of my other, longer programs if you find you want to do more.

I know it can be intimidating to try new technologies, so I do my best to make sure everything is straightforward and easy to navigate.

You will have clear instructions on how to connect and can always connect with me if you have any questions. Most importantly, nobody has broken anything yet!

If at the end of these sessions you feel that there is more work to be done or you’d like to pursue more in-depth work together, your time and investment can be applied toward either the longer Embracing Change program or Living in Autumn program. This nine-month program is designed to:

  • help you get clarity about yourself and your dreams.
  • help you find completion and wholeness through doing deep healing work
  • help you let go of old beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • help you embrace your own personal power and become your fullest, brightest and most radiant self, ready to share yourself with your loved ones and the world.
Some people need to connect ‘for real’ before making a decision. I get that.

If you’d like to have a quick chat first, you can schedule a 20-minute call or Skype session. No selling, no obligations, just an opportunity for a little gut-check. Just fill out this form to schedule.

If at the end of our first session you do not feel that this work is a good fit for your needs, I will gladly refund your money. Simply send an email request.


The old ways are overrated

Don’t fall victim to the “just push through it” mentality, or to the “this too shall pass” school of thought. Because I promise you, either approach will at best extend your misery longer than necessary, and at worst lead to even bigger problems.

The life changes you are experiencing are real, they are lasting and they are meant to be honored with mindfulness and intention.

And as ironic as it may seem, they are the gateway to finding fulfillment, joy and deep meaning in the rest of your life.

Make the most of the situation, and embrace the opportunity for transformation.