Well here we all are. Staying home. Sheltering in place. Self-isolating. Quarantine. Except for those with essential jobs, who are expected to continue on despite the danger.

Regardless of where we are, most of us are reeling from this once-in-a-lifetime global challenge.

The world has shifted so rapidly, leaving us feeling a little shell-shocked.

Then there are all the feelings. Cycling through on an endless loop. Fear. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Anger. Grief. The strange impact of of staying at home for many; the responsibility and fear for those who must put themselves at risk to keep the rest of us cared for.

So. Many. Feelings. 

As we have forced downtime, paired with more uncertainty than most of us have ever experienced, there’s a lot of emotional baggage rising to the surface. Our “shadow material”,  that which we’ve  carefully (and unconsciously) stored away in forgotten spaces of our psyche and soul, rises to the surface and practically begs to be dealt with.

There’s the unimaginable scope of it all in addition to each individual’s unique situation and personal pain.

It’s a lot to cope with.

It’s hard to know what to do, or how to be.

Yet if you take the time to breathe and quiet your mind, there’s a subtle undercurrent of potential and possibility at play. And it is in those moments I become sure that indeed this is a time of deep challenge, potent change, and in many ways unparalleled opportunity. We are in the midst of the ultimate Sacred Pause.

Frankly, it feels as if we are at a choice point:

Things could spiral out of control into greed, divisiveness, and totalitarianism


Humanity could act on this global wake-up call and finally shift toward greater connection, compassion, and equality.

The act of embracing this pause where you can, of stepping into the moments of spaciousness when and where you find them to slow down and reflect, is how we mine the gold from this crisis that is dismantling so much of the world as we previously knew it.

On an individual level there is an invitation to deep healing and discernment, so we can each choose what is essential and what can be dropped. We have a chance to consciously choose how we want to create our lives post-pandemic:

Do we go back to life and business as usual, rushing around in our hyper-speed lives that are at once over-connected yet strangely lacking in meaningful connection, leaving us to soothe ourselves with mindless consuming?

Or do we take the opportunity to reconstruct our lives around the values that are truly authentic and inspiring? Around, as Glennon Doyle suggests in her latest book, Untamed, “what is true and beautiful?” Do we see the photos of the earth restoring herself as humanity recedes into our homes, and make new choices that recognize the impact of our actions on the planet?

As I said, it’s a choice-point.

In fact, truly a tipping point, where the individual choices we each make to do healing work and create lives centered in love, peace, truth, and beauty can tilt the unfolding future toward one that is sustainable for all living things, grounded in compassion and respectful of our deep interconnectedness.

Personally, I’m hard at work, balancing the urgent need to pivot my business and support my clients with attending to my own invitations to slow down in this surreal time. I would hate to get to the other side and feel like I’ve missed the biggest opportunity for personal and global transformation in my lifetime (so far…) because I was working too hard.

If these words speak to you and you would like support in navigating your way through this difficult reality, know that I am here and doing what I can to provide comfort, support, and inspiration. While normally I focus on the challenges and transitions of midlife as the crucible for this kind of soulwork, my training as a Creative Depth Coach and SoulCollage Facilitator gives me a unique capacity to support those who are struggling in this pandemic, and guide those who want to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity for growth in powerful, creative ways. 

You’ll find my offerings for this time by clicking on this link. I also invite you to join me in my private Facebook Group, the Our Sacred Pause Circle. That’s where we’re creating community and support, helping people to embrace this moment in history with mindfulness and curiosity.

It is my hope that you will find your way to healing, clarity, direction and new perspective amidst the stress, pain and challenges of these troubled times, paving the way for whatever lies on the other side of this global pause.