Rock cairn with autumn leavesIt’s about the power of creating space.

It’s a common hallmark of women’s midlife experience: that subtle – or maybe not so subtle – longing for some time and space for yourself.

The truth is, midlife is the quintessential journey into these issues of identity, power, ego and essence – one that is crucial to attend to if you are to truly claim your place and power as a wise woman.

But it’s not always easy.

The reason midlife can feel so difficult, chaotic and urgent in midlife is that you are being worked by a multitude of forces to bring you into this cauldron of inner work, so that you can emerge in your wisdom years as the embodiment of ease.

Your “symptoms” that signify dis-ease or un-ease – such as pain, discomfort, confusion, resistance, resentment, longing – are the signposts that point to where things are out of alignment and there is work to be done.

They function as a proverbial “last call”, urging you back to your self and to this deep inner work.

Ignore the call and you ignore

a major developmental task of adulthood.

Stifle that longing and you run the risk of living into old age
not as a vital, dynamic wise woman but a woman plagued by
bitterness, resentment, and thoughts of what might have been.

The first, most important thing you can do for yourself is to create your own little niche in the time-space continuum for attending to this essential soulwork.

You must pause, and in order to do that effectively you need to create an opening in your busy life.

Creating space sends a signal that you are ready, you are willing and you are committed to your own renaissance.

Discover the magical activation that happens when you create dedicated time and space for attending to your unfolding.

Accelerate your awakening by bringing the power of intention to your midlife transition.

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