Support in Troubled Times

This is the place to find offerings I’m developing on the fly during this critical time in our personal and global evolution.

Be sure to check here regularly for what’s on offer. Better yet, join the Our Sacred Pause Circle on Facebook. It’s a private Facebook group where we’re cultivating a fabulous community of women who value introspection, kindness, creativity and personal growth. It’s poppin’ right now, and the best place to keep up with what’s going on (especially while my website is acting up!)

Summer Solstice Virtual Gathering

There is little question that we are living in the midst of a massive breakdown in many structures that have been the default settings of our lives. At the same time, much of the world is pushing to move either back into familiar territory or forward into the unknown of a “new normal”.

There is a lot to process: grief, fear, rage, uncertainty, hope. And many have a  longing to mindfully glean the lessons of these times and be intentional about how they structure their lives going forward. It’s this need that compelled me to create an offering that would capitalize on the energy of the summer solstice.

Join me on Saturday, June 20th in a virtual Gathering where we’ll use SoulCollage® and other mixed media for exploration, meaning making, and imagining as we seek our way forward.

It’s an opportunity to gently bring creative expression to the challenging and difficult feelings so many of us have faced during these first months of the pandemic, and to enjoy the reassurance of compassionate community.

It’s an invitation, before life attains its previous pace, to devote some time to harvesting any wisdom you’ve gathered over these past few months, to discerning the impact of the pandemic and the recent racial unrest on your life, and to envision how you might translate all of that into the structure and flow of your life as it gets reinvented post lock-down.

The How

We’ll use Zoom as our platform to connect, which has been surprising effective for such tender work. I’ll lead us into safe and sacred space where you’re invited to give expression to whatever is ready to be seen. Then we’ll then expand our vision to see what gifts might emerge from this massive disintegration.

Normally I offer these events in person and provide supplies, but we can make this work with supplies many people have around the house or can get inexpensively through Amazon. If you’ve got some magazines or a stash of images for collage, some 5×8 cards, old file folders or cereal boxes, and a glue stick you should be fine. You’ll receive a more detailed list of what to have on hand with your registration confirmation.

The When and Where

  • Saturday, June 20th
  • 10:00am – 4:00pm EDT
  • Online on Zoom
  • Registration closes Thursday 6/18 at midnight
  • Pay from the Heart pricing

The suggested payment is $60. This is the pricing that is meets the basic sustainability needs for my business. However, I really do mean “Pay from the Heart.” You can pay less, or more, than that price, and I will receive it with gratitude. (I have set the minimum at $25, as the pricing needs to feel good to my heart too. Take time to both think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense into your heart to feel what number feels right.)

I will be donating 25% of my proceeds to The Highlander Center, which trains racial justice organizers in the South and Appalachia.

Details for logging in to Zoom, supplies to gather, and ideas for other materials to have on hand (see below for ideas/examples), will be sent after you register, as well links for some introductory SoulCollage info .

I know I don’t want to lose the sacred potential of this moment, so if you’re feeling that same desire, I hope you’ll join me.

Some things to have on hand:

  • Images – a variety from magazines, catalogs, junk mail or whatever you have on hand
  • For SoulCollage, 5×8 backing cards – needn’t be matboard. You can use 5×8 notecards, or cut from manilla folders or thin cardboard like cereal boxes.
  • Glue stick or rubber cement (liquid glue like Elmers wrinkles the paper)
  • You might also want to have some other materials, like markers, crayons, oil pastels or acrylic paint and some larger surfaces made of heavy-duty watercolor or multimedia paper or cardboard.

Navigating Change in Troubled Times

We are all reeling. The world has shifted so rapidly, leaving us feeling a little shell-shocked.

As a result of the forced downtime, the powerful social movement for racial justice and more uncertainty than most of us have ever experienced, there’s a lot of emotional baggage rising to the surface. Our “shadow material”,  that which we’ve carefully (and unconsciously) stored away in forgotten spaces of our psyche and soul, rises to the surface and practically begs to be dealt with.

There’s the unimaginable scope of it all in addition to each individual’s unique situation and personal pain.

It’s a lot to cope with.

It’s hard to know what to do, or how to be.

Yet if you take the time to breathe and quiet your mind, there’s a subtle undercurrent of potential and possibility at play. And it is in those moments that I become sure that this is a time of deep challenge, potent change, and in many ways unparalleled opportunity. We are in the midst of the ultimate Sacred Pause.

On an individual level there is an invitation to deep healing and discernment, so we can each choose what is essential and what can be dropped. We have a chance to consciously choose how we want to create our lives post-pandemic:

Do we go back to life and business as usual, rushing around in our hyper-speed lives that are at once over-connected yet strangely lacking in meaningful connection, leaving us to soothe ourselves with mindless consuming?

Or do we take the opportunity to reconstruct our lives around the values that are truly authentic and inspiring? Around, as Glennon Doyle suggests in her latest book, Untamed, “what is true and beautiful?” Do we see the photos of the earth restoring herself as humanity recedes into our homes and make new choices that recognize the impact of our actions on the planet? Do we see the people in the streets rallying for racial justice and discern how we will answer the call?

That kind of inquiry and discernment is at the heart of Navigating Change in Troubled Times.

While normally I focus on the challenges and transitions of midlife as the crucible for this kind of soulwork, my training as a Creative Depth Coach and SoulCollage Facilitator gives me a unique capacity to support those who are struggling in this pandemic, and guide those who want to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity for growth in powerful, creative ways.

Depth coaching and expressive art are powerful ways to process the pandemic and all its accompanying distress and disruption gently and even beautifully. This approach is extraordinarily powerful and invites you to discover deeper layers where you want to experience active change, and where blocked energy and unconscious beliefs are in your way. 

You will discover healing, clarity, direction and new perspective within this work, paving the way for whatever lies on the other side of this global pause.

How does it work?

There are two components to the Navigating Change program: 

  • Lifetime access to “Life Essentials for Navigating Change”, a 4-module online program that gives you foundational support that is essential to finding and maintaining balance in challenging times. This program is a self-paced resource in course format which and includes workbooks, recordings, guided journeys, and creative process prompts
  • Private, Creative Depth Coaching sessions, which are customized around your individual needs and intentions, bringing together multiple modalities that will offer effective and supportive experiences. 
    • Sessions are 75-minutes in length 
    • Sessions will be in person at my office (once we’re released), or via Zoom video conferencing
    • Sessions roughly every two weeks, with flexibility for 3, 6, or 9 months of coaching
  • Recorded sessions – An MP3 recording (and video for Zoom sessions) of each mentoring session, so you can focus on our session without worrying about taking notes. These recordings are yours, and you can listen to them as often as you wish at your convenience.
  • Targeted Support calls – When something unexpected or difficult arises and you want to check in, we can arrange a brief (10 minute) support call.
  • Unlimited email support – Need to make sure you’re using a process correctly, have a question or an insight you want to share? I’m always available by email, and I do my best to respond within 24 hours.
  • Priority enrollment and special offers for other programs and offerings, such as Quarterly Gatherings, online and local classes and Autumn’s Pause, my fall retreat for women.

What is Creative Depth Coaching?

This particular hybrid style of coaching combines traditional coaching approaches, healing modalities and art as process, all of which are anchored in Jungian depth work, encompassing symbolic language, the subconscious, underlying structures of roles and relationships, personal mythology and archetype, as well as harnessing the power of imagination, image, and dream. The intention of the coaching process is to engage the client’s inner wisdom, support self-discovery, and promote healing.

My role as coach and my commitment to you:

  • As a coach, I am committed to your goals – helping you to identify your priorities and intentions.
  • As a guide, I will assist you in creating goals and structures to assist you in your process of discovery.
  • As a touchstone I will create a sacred space which consists of our coaching environment and ongoing communication, and which holds trust, confidentiality and honoring.
  • As a support, I will provide witnessing, feedback, ideas and process that will provide you with increased clarity, balance, integration, direction and movement.
  • As a professional, I will provide a safe and confidential environment in which you can discover and transform. I will honor the ethical boundaries of holistic life coaching and expressive arts. If at any time I am  concerned that the direction of the coaching is in need of additional support I will consult with you and suggest complementary or alternative support.
  • As a co-creative partner I will celebrate your life unfolding in new and amazing ways!

If you would like to explore whether this program matches your needs and longings, please schedule a complementary 50-minute Transformation Pathway Session. In our time together you will:

  • Explore the struggles and longings that are alive in you right now
  • Discuss the many forces at play the impact women in midlife
  • Discover which of the major midlife hurdles is derailing your “prime of life” experience 
  • Discern the most impactful thing you can do to get back in the groove of life

You can book your Transformation Pathway Session by clicking on this link.