And five reasons you might want to take one

Sacred Pause:

The act of slowing down from your usual pace of life, with the intention of engaging in a process of discernment and discovery about what fulfills you and what does not, and thus conjure a vision of what you want your life to be.

The nature of the work that I do with my clients revolves around this idea of “pausing”.  It seems to be inherent to the way that I work, whether it’s mentoring, a craniosacral session or leading a retreat.  For me it feels second nature, and my spirit frequently longs to slow down and pause.

So naturally I think pausing, especially Sacred Pausing, is an important and enticing vibe to offer the world.

But I know that for many women it’s not exactly second nature to contemplate… who has the time?  And I imagine there are those for whom it would be completely counter to their true nature to slow down, or who don’t feel the pull to examine the deeper underpinnings of their lives.  Sometimes I even envy them.

However, I also think that many women simply don’t recognize – or won’t allow themselves to feel – the need within themselves.  The need can be so subtle, and can have any number of triggers.

So in thinking about trying to explain to someone why they might want to go on a retreat or enter into coaching, or do any kind of self-reflective work, I thought I’d take the question to my SoulCollage® cards. I asked, “Who needs a Sacred Pause?” and blindly chose five cards from my deck of well over 100 cards that felt like they had something to say .  Then I allowed the cards to “speak” using the “I Am One Who…” process created by SoulCollage® creator Seena Frost, and an integral part of the SoulCollage® process.

To see the what the wisdom the images had to share, click the image.



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