Personal growth needn’t be a grind.

Let’s retire the “no pain, no gain” approach.

So many paths to wisdom, healing and personal growth seem to be laborious – demanding lots of time, energy, and resources to learn, receive or practice. And who knows where to start or which one to try?

Certainly, many paths are tried and true, and lots of people are successful with them. But not everybody wants a “discipline”, and many people don’t have the time or money to invest in gurus, healers, therapy, or all the paraphernalia that can accompany a spiritual practice or personal growth.

What if there was a fun, playful way to evolve your consciousness? What if with bits of paper and glue, you could change your life?

Developed by therapist and author Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is an amazingly delightful yet powerful creative process that gently enables you to hear the deep wisdom of your own inner knowing, and to honor all aspects of your life. In the process, you find yourself becoming ever more whole, ever more at peace, and awakened to the joy of simply being your true self.

It may seem far-fetched – simplistic – even unrealistic to imagine that something which most of us experienced in primary school art class could be a powerful tool for evolving your consciousness and healing your spirit?

But I prefer to think of it as profound, delightful, and even magical: With only images, glue and your own willingness to be open to the journey, with SoulCollage® you truly can “Discover your wisdom and change your world”™.

A creative path to self-discovery

As a seeker, you’re curious. You tend towards the introspective. You want to better understand yourself and live a life of meaning and fulfillment.  But for many people like you, it can be challenging to find the right container or process that allows you to nurture this important part of your being.

SoulCollage® is a great fit for your life if you:

  • Struggle to find a way to integrate your interest in matters of the heart, mind and spirit into your day-to-day life that doesn’t feel like drudgery.
  • Want to reignite creative spark in you, even though it’s been dormant for awhile.
  • Would like to find a way to heal your heart or spirit that didn’t make you feel worse before you felt better.
  • Need a process that is easy to fit into your busy life.
  • Long to be more connected to your intuition and rely on it to guide your life.

SoulCollage® can help you to:

  • Better see and understand all the many aspects of your personality and story that make up the one and only you.
  • Rediscover and feed the part of you that yearns for creative expression, even if you don’t think of yourself as “artistic”.
  • Become more deeply connected to your inner wisdom.
  • Evolve your consciousness.
  • Gently and organically heal into wholeness by reconnecting to aspects of your Self that got lost, wounded or repressed along the way.
  • Cultivate your connection to Source.

SoulCollage® is a simple and delightful creative process that can give shape to your personal journey to wholeness. While I can’t claim that personal growth will always be sunshine and roses, I have found that with SoulCollage, it can often be amazingly simple and even fun.

Invite the images into your life

The SoulCollage cards you create are used much like any other tool one might use to receive guidance or support.. The difference with SoulCollage is that rather than looking outside yourself for input, you are in reality consulting your own inner wisdom.

The imagery of the cards and the “I Am One Who…” process allows you to get around that pesky, often interfering logical mind and more directly access deeper, right-brained and heart-centered information – your own inner wisdom.

The input you receive from your cards is always more rich and balanced than you could ever attain simply through thinking, because the cards are reflective of the totality of your being. These moments of insight can be playful and/or poignant, but they are always powerful.

So as you invite the images and engage with your cards, your entire perspective on life opens up. You understand yourself in a much more complex and complete way, which creates a sense of peace and wholeness that permeates your life. You find yourself being less reactive and more understanding or yourself and others.

Things tend to flow more smoothly because you now have access to a wise advisor – your own inner wisdom.


Piecing it together

I have always been attracted to (some might say obsessed with) having a deeper understanding of my ‘inner workings’. It was probably my motivation for studying psychology in college and grad school. I’ve also entertained a penchant for the numinous – the mystery that lurks below the normal, everyday surface of life.

And I was always searching for that special something to help me work intentionally on my own development and around which I could build a personal practice.

When I picked up Seena Frost’s book, SoulCollage Evolving, I knew that I had found a pathway to my own unfolding. It filled the empty spaces in my being that had been longing for creative expression, personal self-discovery and a deeper understanding of and connection to the role of spirit in my life.

Within weeks I knew I’d also found a cornerstone to my work in the world. It’s a modality that combines all of my selves into a beautiful whole: my creative self, my mystical self, my student of psychology self and my healer self.

Now, as trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, it is my great joy to share this process with others.

How does this work?

I offer several ways to experience SoulCollage® throughout the year – at retreats, workshops, and through online courses. I am aware, however, that my events don’t always fit everyone’s schedule, and that some prefer to learn in a one-to-one rather than in a group setting or online course.

Whatever the reason, if you prefer a one-to-one structure to facilitate your SoulCollage® journey, I am happy to offer that level of personal support and attention in several formats, depending on your needs.

Although the package descriptions below are geared toward those who are fairly new to the process of SoulCollage®, experienced SoulCollagers are welcome to book sessions through any of these options. Each package can be tailored to your level of experience and personal goals. You may also want to explore my mentoring programs, Embracing Change and Living in Autumn, which always incorporate SoulCollage for those already using the process.

These packages vary in length and degree of support, but all:

  • can be held either in person at my office in Columbus, OH, by phone or computer
  • include email support for any questions that arise  outside of our time together
  • include handouts and instructional guides in PDF format
  • include follow-up time to help you fine-tune your understanding
  • entitle you to special pricing on other SoulCollage-related classes and events

Please note that these packages do not include Seena’s book, SoulCollage Evolving, or supplies. I will, however, provide you with the information you need to be able to purchase these on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody! The ease of creating the cards makes it appropriate for all age groups, from young kids to the elderly.
Nope. This is not an art class. In fact I’ve noticed that sometimes trained artists have a harder time than others getting out of their own head. The purpose of SoulCollage is to explore your inner self and nurture your soul.

If you can cut – or tear! – pictures out of magazines and use glue, you can do this! And you might even discover your “inner creative” in the process.

One thing I love about SoulCollage is that it’s not particularly “stuff” intensive, and most of what you need you can pick up at a local craft store.

However sometimes it’s easier to to purchase some of the materials as a packaged set. As part of our work I will help you to connect with sources for all things SoulCollage. Local clients can also purchase supplies directly from me.

I know it can be intimidating to try new technologies, so I do my best to make sure everything is straightforward and easy to navigate.

I use Skype or UberConference for calls. You will have clear instructions on how to connect and can always call or email me if you have any questions. Most importantly, nobody has broken anything yet!

I will admit I don’t know much about Tarot, so what I can say for sure is that both involve decks of cards which are consulted for the purpose of gaining insight. With SoulCollage, our cards are our own creations and you are simply using the cards as a key to unlocking your own inner wisdom.

Also, while someone could use another person’s cards in a reading, in SoulCollage we never “read” cards for another person, only for ourselves.

If you already have an existing deck of SoulCollage cards, I invite you to explore my other offerings, such as workshops, retreats, and online courses, as well as my mentoring programs, Embracing Change and Living in Autumn.

I love sharing SoulCollage with all ages and all kinds of groups. I’ve taught in all kinds of settings with all ages: girls’ groups, moms’ groups, for special celebrations like a birthday or shower. You can learn more about hiring me for your next event here.



Delight yourself!

If you yearn for a way to bring some ease into your process of personal growth and healing, and you’d like some personal, one-to-one guidance for the journey, don’t wait any longer.

The images are calling, waiting to help you get acquainted with your inner wisdom and reveal the marvel and beauty of your many-faceted self.