Midlife is a journey to be navigated, not a crisis to be managed.

Because your growth and development doesn’t stop after you turn 21.

From this developmental perspective, the midlife passage becomes a process of sifting and sorting through the stories, personas, and coping strategies you’ve accumulated over the years, so you can harvest what is true and useful and release what no longer serves you.

In this way, your “midlife crisis” becomes your Midlife Renaissance.

All of the offerings at Our Sacred Pause invite you to slow down and be supported in a sacred process of deep soul-tending and healing in order to bring your life into alignment with the deepest, most true essence of who you are.

Mentoring Services


The Art of Midlife Renaissance an holistic and intensive 6-month journey of introspection, deep healing and reclamation, where the confusion, pain and fragmentation of midlife is transmuted into clarity, wholeness and fulfillment.

This program is for women who want guidance and accountability for gaining clarity and embodying change, and in creating an inspired life of harmony, integrity and wholeness.

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I also provide one-to-one support in the art and practice of SoulCollage® in any context and at any time of life.

SoulCollage® is a delightful and deceptively powerful tool for growing your self-awareness, encouraging personal growth, and enhancing your process of discernment.

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